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Published: 11 March 2014

Workshop on the digital Arabic content industry and launching the “Thinking digital? Let’s innovate in Arabic!” competition in Egypt

“Thinking digital? Let’s Innovate in Arabic!” was the competition’s theme which was announced as part of a workshop to raise awareness on the importance of the DAC industry. The workshop was attended by representatives from government agencies, companies involved in DAC development, as well as a large number of start-ups, young entrepreneurs and university graduates.



The Digital Arabic Content (DAC) Industry.

Download the DAC brochure here

It has been largely acknowledged that the Internet is a viable means for supporting socioeconomic development. The Internet has become the most comprehensive repository of knowledge and a resource providing communities with all sorts of tools to improve the quality of life. However, the digital content divide remains a major impediment hindering the access of communities in the Arab region to the full value of the Internet. The limited availability of digital content in Arabic, which only represents 2 per cent of the global digital content, constitutes a language barrier that should be crossed to contribute in bridging the digital content divide and increase the number of Internet users in the Arab world.

The 2013 Digital Arabic Content Competition

As part of the second phase of the project on the Promotion of the Digital Arabic Content Industry through Incubation, the 2013 DAC Competition will unlock the potential of entrepreneurs and university graduates who aspire to build novel DAC applications and products. Attention will be given to new trends and technologies. The winners will be granted an incubation period of up to 12 months with partner business incubators who will provide them with coaching, business advice, office facilities and guidance to establish a competitive startup company.

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December 17-18, 2013

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December 3 - 5, 2013

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May 7-10, 2013

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April 9-10, 2013

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March 25-28, 2013

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