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ICT in education and scientific research
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Globalization and the shift towards building an information society and a knowledge economy have had an impact on the socio-economic development process in that they have rendered traditional educational practices insufficient to provide citizens and the workforce with all the necessary skills necessary for economic survival in today’s world. In this regard, ICT in education and scientific research is transforming access to knowledge, the learning process and information delivery. This does not necessarily mean that traditional practices should be abolished but, rather, that conventional teaching, learning and research approaches are merging with new ones that facilitate education and scientific research at any time, in any location as required, while also addressing individual and institutional needs. New educational methods for solving problems and using appropriate tools for learning, collaboration and for building the information society. Moreover, lifelong learning coupled with accredited and certified training attached to defined skills, jobs and career paths are providing competitive advantages to labour as well as institutions. Within this new context of learning, the learner has become a continuous consumer of knowledge seeking autonomy and innovations in educational systems.