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Women empowerment in the information society
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The empowerment of women is widely recognized as being the central issue in determining their status. It is envisaged as a means for promoting gender equality and increasing the opportunities, productivity and effectiveness of women, as well as enhancing their employment opportunities. The underlying causes of gender inequality are connected to social and economic structure, which is based on informal and formal norms and practices. Gender inequality contributes to poverty, slows economic growth and reduces human well-being. The two main aspects of the empowerment of women are economic and social empowerment. Economic empowerment deals with issues related to poverty reduction and access to productive resources. Social empowerment manifests itself in various forms, the most obvious of which include social stereotyping, political representation, access to education, health, shelter and sanitation. Both economic and social aspects are important for building a regional information society as the success of this society depends upon the active participation and involvement of both men and women.