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Empowering Arab NGOs in the information society
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As modern civil society evolves globally towards the information society, it is essential that Arab NGOs establish effective operations in the parallel virtual-world to support, or supplement, its real-world operation. Virtually operating Arab NGOs must dynamically link their basic goals with the means needed to achieve them. As a key stakeholder with a prominent role to play in the information society, the commitment and involvement of civil society is important in the creation of an equitable information society and the implementation of ICT-related initiatives for development. Building a virtual community in the form an information network, or a computer-supported social network, on the Web is the way to empower Arab NGOs to fulfil their mission. The virtual community of Arab NGOs allows the actual net of Arab NGOs to develop the cooperation, outsourcing, and experience history it mostly lacks. In the framework of virtual community, NGOs function as un-calibrated sensory neurons within their beneficiary groups, and indeed communities, as they sense, measure, and respond to stimuli provided by the communities they serve. The virtual community may then be thought of as a neural network. Like a neural network, the strength of this community is not dependent on the strength of its individual members, but rather on the strength of their mutual interaction.