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Developing the ICT sector
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In developed and developing countries, the move towards the information society has been accompanied by the creation of an ICT sector. The use of technologies without having a share in their generation and production could have a negative impact on cumulative economic growth, as is the case with the Arab world where the impact was minus 10 per cent during the period 1960-1992, compared with 70 per cent for Germany during the same period. This situation could obstruct the move of Arab States towards the information society. Programme 5 aims to develop the ICT sector in the region. The sector includes software (systems and applications), services (product services, professional and outsourcing services) and hardware (computer systems, networking, handsets and semi-conductors). The programme will achieve its objectives by implementing a number of regional projects such as facilitating partnerships among stakeholders in the ICT sector through the establishment of regional networks and clusters, encouraging the establishment of ICT incubators in member countries and producing guidelines on recommended directives for member countries with a view to creating a favourable legislative environment for the development of the ICT sector.