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Executive Summary
Acronyms and Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. Strategic Framework - Introduction
--> Strategic Framework - Main Areas of Focus
--> Startetgic Framework - The Arab ICT Strategy
--> Strategic Framework - Action Lines
--> Programmes - Programme Details
4. Projects
--> Strategic Framework - Action Lines

The areas of the strategic framework complement one another and would be most effective when launched simultaneously, in order to achieve optimal coordination.  Changes in emphasis could be introduced that would take into account specific conditions and priorities.  During implementation, the centre of gravity could shift from one area to another as dictated by progress and specific regional priorities.

The framework around which the RPoA has been built is flexible and capable of accommodating future lines of action.  In this regard, the following non-exhaustive list of actions could be launched in parallel, amended to fit regional, sub-regional or national priority areas, extended to include innovations in the field of ICT and implemented at different times according to changes in expected accomplishments and indicators of achievement.  The entities responsible for carrying out these action lines would be governments, through their Ministries of Telecommunications and Information Technology, national ICT councils or other entities, depending on the preference of each country.  Collaboration with international and regional organizations with a thorough knowledge of the region, such as ESCWA, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) or United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is highly recommended in building the information society.  It is also envisaged that each country would, eventually, select the action lines most suitable for its needs, set priorities, adjust the time frame and assign an entity responsible for implementation of each action.

Area 1: Policies and Strategies

Area 2: ICT Infrastructure

Area 3: Access to Information and Knowledge

Area 4: ICT Capacity-Building

Area 5: Building Confidence, Trust and Security

Area 6: Enabling Environment

Area 7: ICT Applications

Area 8: Cultural and Linguistic Content

Area 9: Media

Area 10: International and Regional Cooperation

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