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Executive Summary
Acronyms and Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. Strategic Framework - Introduction
--> Strategic Framework - Main Areas of Focus
--> Startetgic Framework - The Arab ICT Strategy
--> Strategic Framework - Action Lines
--> Programmes - Programme Details
4. Projects

In an attempt to build a regional information society, this part of the proposed RPoA elaborates the main functionalities of a number of programmes aimed at triggering partnerships and inducing interactive participation from a broad stakeholder base.  Most of these programmes are not derived from new concepts and some, such as empowerment through community access, are already implemented in certain countries.  The proposed programmes are recommended because they meet regional requirements and offer potential for harnessing information and communication technology (ICT) for socio-economic development.

          The programmes are envisaged as a means of identifying and developing a number of regional projects, which, in turn, can instigate fruitful partnerships and secure the necessary resources, which could be in-kind contributions, human or financing resources, to proceed with implementation.  This process will create a structured framework and produce the desired impetus to migrate towards the information and knowledge society in the region.

          Intrinsic to the RPoA is the notion of maintaining a flexible and modular structure that allows it to continuously evolve in order to meet the needs of the region and cater for new opportunities that arise on the ever-changing ICT landscape.  To this end, the structure of the present chapter is open-ended in order to allow future additions.  Moreover, each section in this chapter is dedicated to the presentation of one programme in a concise and comprehensive format with a view to promoting dialogue, reaching common ground and enhancing regional synergies.

          In view of the above, each programme will start with a conceptual overview of its major components in order to clarify the rationale for promoting a given programme.  Each programme is then mapped to the areas presented in the strategic framework of the RPoA, in order to facilitate the forging of qualitative relationships between strategic framework components and their counterparts within programmes in a manner that identifies parent(s) for each programme rather than establishing exclusive relationships.  The core programme description is summarized in an outline that includes the programme’s main objective, challenges, implementation strategy, expected accomplishments and indicators of achievement.

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