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Executive Summary
Acronyms and Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. Strategic Framework - Introduction
--> Strategic Framework - Main Areas of Focus
--> Startetgic Framework - The Arab ICT Strategy
--> Strategic Framework - Action Lines
--> Programmes - Programme Details
4. Projects
--> Programmes - Programme Details

The list of programmes presented below is not exhaustive.  Future programmes could be added should they satisfy the following criteria:

1. Programmes must be presented in a clear and concise format, such as that used in this RPoA, based on the results-based management paradigm.  This criterion makes possible the adoption of a template that enables organizations to behave in a proactive rather than a reactive manner, while stressing the results to be attained and using indicators to track progress.

2. Programmes must have a coordinating agency that advocates the objective and expected accomplishments of the programme among stakeholders, supervises the efforts for obtaining projects that best serve this programme and coordinates among the various project champions.  The coordinating agency must be an impartial broker to the development process.  A typical agency could be in the form of non-governmental, international or regional organization.  It is anticipated that the efforts of these agencies would be coordinated by a secretariat that provides technical assistance aimed at maintaining the quality of work.

3. Programmes must also have high impact on a number of areas identified in the strategic framework of the RPoA.  In other words, the programme must fulfil some of the objectives and expected accomplishment for these areas.  The programme may well serve other areas by producing a number of actions that generate positive spill-over aimed at partially solving relevant issues.

Details of current programmes that have satisfied the above criteria are provided in the following pages.  The order of their presentation does not reflect priorities, which may be indicated at the project level.  The current programmes are:

Programme 1: ICT for Economic Development

Programme 2: Developing E-Government Services

Programme 3: Empowering Arab NGOs in the IS

Programme 4: Developing Telecommunications Infrastructure

Programme 5: Developing the ICT Sector

Programme 6: Women Empowerement in the IS

Programme 7: Information Society Measurements

Programme 8: Promoting DAC

Programme 9: ICT in Education and Scientific Research

Programme 10: Increasing Community Access with Emphasis on the Marginalized and Disabled

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