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In the framework of the Development Account project titled “Regional Harmonization of Cyber Legislation to Promote the Knowledge Society in the Arab World”, ESCWA is currently developing a set of directives for the harmonization of cyber legislation in the Arab World.

The aforementioned directives will include model laws that ESCWA member countries and other Arab countries may easily adapt and implement at the national level. They will regulate all aspects related to an appropriate usage of cyber space, ICT applications and e-services. Those aspects include, but are not limited to, the six different areas of cyber legislation. These areas are:

1- Personal Data Protection

2- Freedom of expression and privacy of information

3- E-signature and e-transactions

4- Electronic commerce and consumer protection

5- Intellectual and industrial property rights in cyber space

6- Cyber crime

To engage ESCWA Member Countries and the Arab World in the process and to discuss and disseminate the directives to as wide an audience as possible, ESWCA will invite experts representing governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as the private sector, to an expert group meeting (EGM) by mid of February 2011.