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ESCWA organized a Workshop on Innovation in Public Sector during the ICT4All 2016


ESCWA contributed to the parallel events of the ICT4All 2015 Forum, which took place in Hammamat-Tunisia during the period 16-19 November 2015, by organizing a workshop on “Innovation in the Public Sector”, on 17 November 2015. This workshop highlighted the new demands of citizens and challenges faced by today’s governments, while focusing on innovation as a capacity that makes it possible for the public sector to deliver better services that suit the needs of citizens thus advancing the development of knowledge societies.

This workshop aimed at raising awareness on the opportunities, challenges and benefits that countries and their people can experience when innovative approaches are applied in the public sector. It also created a platform for the exchange of knowledge and good practices on issues related to innovation in the public sector, focused on enhancing government services, and promoted inter-institutional networking and dialogue. Experts from the Arab region and international organizations attended this workshop and contributed to the discussion. Dr. Haidar Fraihat, Director of the Technology for Development Division at ESCWA chaired the sessions of this workshop.

The first part of this workshop was dedicated to International Organization efforts for promoting Innovation in the public sector. Dr. Nibal Idlebi, Chief of Innovation Section at ESCWA, presented a recent study titled “Integration of service delivery in the Arab region: role of standards and interoperability”. This study was prepared in collaboration between United Arab Emirates and ESCWA, and provides an overview of the status of service integration in the region and proposes a strategic framework and guidelines for providing integrated seamless government services. Mr. Jaroslaw Ponder, Strategy and Policy Advisor at the International Telecommunication Union, presented the ITU’s efforts for fostering innovation in the ICT eco-system at global, regional and national level. He highlighted selected initiatives of the ITU and its partnerships with other UN agencies for accelerating innovation in developed and developing countries.

The second part of this workshop was dedicated to the Tunisian experience in emerging trends in e-Government. Mr. Mustapha Mezghani, the General Director of Tunisian Trade Net, firstly defined innovation and highlighted its challenges especially in the public sector. Then he presented selected lessons learned and case studies from Tunisia. Dr. Khaled Salame, the Director General of e-Government Unit in the presidency of the government in Tunisia delivered a very comprehensive presentation on “Open Government in Tunisia”. In his presentation, he defined open government and its principles, and highlighted the Tunisian national open government action plan and its current implementation.

The participants of the workshop acknowledged the need to move towards open government in the public sector in order to enhance efficiency, transparency and openness in the Arab region.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Nibal Idlebi

Chief of Innovation Section,

Technology for Development Division



    Photos from the workshop