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This Regional Roadmap was developed by ESCWA in close collaboration with the League of Arab States as part of ArabDIG in response to the need of the Arab region for a harmonized strategic framework on Internet governance.

The Regional Roadmap is split into two parts "Framework, Principles and Objectives" and "Guidelines for Implementation and Progress Monitoring". The first part was completed and adopted during the EGM on Regional Roadmap for Internet Governance, Beirut October 2010, while the second part is still open for development.

Arab Regional Roadmap for Internet Governance: Framework, Principles and Objectives 

Report of the EGM on Regional Roadmap for Internet Governance

Call for an Arab IGF (65 KB)

   Work in Progress  

The below links provide an opportunity to review the second part of the Regional Roadmap.  

Guidelines for the Implementation and Progress Monitoring of the Roadmap - Part II  (568 KB)

Discussion Forum

   Arab TLDs  

Applying for the Arab TLDs “.arab” and its IDN equivalent in Arabic characters falls within the framework of Internet governance themes relevant to the Arab region. Details are available in the following document:

Promotion of the Arabic Domain Names System: An ESCWA Project

   Arab Dialogue on Internet Governance  

Following five global events of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) between 2006 and 2010, the IGF proved to be a suitable discussion medium that provides all stakeholders with a platform to exchange expertise and plan the way ahead. At the fifth IGF held in September 2010, there was consensus on the need to renew the mandate for five more years as justified in the General Assembly resolution A/RES/64/187 on information and communication technologies for development.

In order to ensure appropriate participation and positioning of the Arab region in the Internet governance arena, Arab countries are in need to take far-reaching commitments and policy measures. Within this framework, ESCWA and the League of Arab States launched the Arab Dialogue on Internet Governance (ArabDIG) initiative in order to consolidate efforts and harmonize implementation of activities that assist Arab countries in reaching common Internet governance goals.

ArabDIG is multi-stakeholder in nature and aims primarily at: (a) providing a better understanding of common challenges and prospects of Internet governance from the perspective of the Arab region; (b) building capacity of Arab countries to respond to those challenges; (c) enabling Arab countries to seize opportunities to bring their views and needs to the global arena, hence shaping an optimum global policy structure for Internet governance; and (d) Promoting Arab countries’ role as effective players in the global Internet society.

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