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Capacity Building Workshop on Measuring the Use and Impact of ICT on Social and Economic Development in the Arab Region


Under the patronage of the Tunisian Minister of Information and Communication Technologies (MINCOM), the Information and Communication Technology Division at ESCWA organized a Capacity Building Workshop on Measuring the Use and Impact of ICT on Social and Economic Development in the Arab Region in Tunis on 17 and 18 December 2013.

The workshop was held in collaboration with MINCOM and with organizational support from the Center of Information, Training, Documentation, and Studies in Communication Technologies (CIFODE'COM). It aimed to raise the awareness and build the capacities of relevant institutions in the region with regard to the understanding and application of ICT use and impact measurement. It examined available frameworks, measurement models, and means to assess and measure the use of ICT and its services, specifically e-government, as well as its impact on Arab youth.

The workshop included a number of presentations on the abovementioned theme by both national and international organizations reflecting global trends for measuring the impact of selected ICT services and national experiences and challenges in measuring ICT indicators and impact.

The workshop also featured presentations on two recently published ESCWA studies; the first entitled "Impact of Selected e-Services on Socio-Economic Development", which provides a framework for measuring the impact of using selected e-services in the member countries, and the second "Impact of ICT on Arab Youth: Employment, Education and Social Change", which assesses the implications of ICT for youth employment, improving education, and introducing social change on a number of levels.

During the workshop, two papers were delivered by ESCWA’s expert consultants on assessing approaches and challenges of measuring ICT use and impact in Arab countries as well as the case of Egypt in measuring the impact and use of ICT on social and economic development.

Welcoming remarks and speeches at the workshop’s opening session were delivered by CIFODE'COM, represented by its Director General; by ESCWA, represented by the Chief of the ICT Applications Section; and by MINCOM represented by the Head of Cabinet.

The workshop included six main sessions each focusing on the abovementioned themes. The closing session was dedicated for developing recommendations on the subject targeting member countries with national and regional implications

The workshop was attended by 34 participants representing ICT ministries and authorities as well as statistics institutions from the member countries. Experts participating in the workshop were also representing international organizations; namely, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the OECD

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