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Arab IGF Open Consultations and AMAG Fifth Meeting convened in Cairo


Hosted by the League of Arab States (LAS), the Open Consultations and Fifth Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG) were held in Cairo, during 11-13 March 2014. The meetings were convened within the collaboration framework between ESCWA and LAS as Umbrella Organizations of the Arab IGF process, and the Egyptian National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) as the Arab IGF Secretariat, and have received the generous support of the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) for Internet numbers in Africa on the remote participation services, and the Kuwait Information Technology Society (KITS). The meetings gave a unique opportunity for open dialogue and engagement of all stakeholders in the discussions of Internet governance issues of importance to the Arab region, and aimed to identify the topics of priority that would be addressed by the 2014 Third Annual Meeting of the Arab IGF (AIGF-III) as well as to strengthen partnership and cooperation amongst the stakeholders towards achieving common development goals.

The Open Consultations meeting was held on 11 March 2014 in which participants overviewed the 2013 round of the Arab IGF process, and discussed the proposals regarding both the content and organization of the 2014 AIGF-III. The ideas raised in this meeting were inputs to the subsequent AMAG Fifth Meeting that was held during 12-13 March 2013, and attended by around 29 participants, including experts who are either AMAG members or observers from the Arab IGF process. The AMAG meeting reviewed the Arab IGF activities and process and discussed the themes of priority towards adopting the topics of the 2014 Arab IGF Third Annual Meeting (AIGF-III). The main outcome of the Fifth AMAG meeting included the designation of the Chair and Vice chairs of the AMAG for the 2014 round of the Arab IGF process, identification and adoption of key thematic areas of priority for the Arab region, setting the programme skeleton for the 2014 Annual Meeting AIGF-III, and launching the formation of substantive technical working-groups and support sub-committees from members of the AMAG and of the Executive Bureau of Joint Coordination.

The Arab IGF process was established in 2012 under the joint umbrella of the ESCWA and LAS; and the activities of the Arab IGF process are coordinated through a central Secretariat hosted by the Egyptian NTRA. The Arab IGF annual meetings are hosted each year in a different country; and their programs are developed through a series of AMAG preparatory meetings. The AMAG, formed by ESCWA and LAS, is composed of 34 experts from various stakeholder groups in its 2014 round.

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